“What I have planned is to continue forward with my life. I want to show my children that even though I never went to school, one can be successful in this country. There are a lot of opportunities here, it is just a matter of taking advantage of them, to allow oneself the opportunity and take advantage of it.”– Juana Acosta 

 is a one-hour documentary, which explores the lives of Latina immigrants who work as domestic workers in the Los Angeles. There are approximately over 100,000 domestic workers in L.A. 70% of them are from Latin America. With this film we take an intimate and personal look into the lives of the women who care and tend to a large amount of American households and their children today. Every year more American women are leaving their homes and joining the work force. As a result, more households, and single mothers seek outside help to carry out the household day to day duties, duties they can no longer do. Since the late 60’s Latinas have been predominately the group of women hired to perform this type of work. The role these women play in society is vital as they often become the backbone and sense of stability for many American households. But do we really know who they are?

MAID IN AMERICA is about the group of Latinas who earn a living in a meaningful, hardworking and honest way. The documentary captures an intimate image of the Latino people, culture and history in the United States. It is a film that shows how these women are socially redefining the significance of the type of work they do and at the same time inspiring their communities, children and other immigrants. With this film, we have the rare opportunity to share with the world their lives and the value they hold in American society today.

MAID IN AMERICA is currently in production.