Give Us Your Retired, Your Rich, Your Americans explores the growing phenomenon of Americans retirees migrating to Latin America, specifically to Panama, and the effects and challenges faced by both the retirees and the local Panamanian communities in which they live.

Immigration between the U.S. and Latin America is a two-way street. In less than a decade, Panama’s population of American retirees has more than doubled. This documentary tells the story of the Panamanian island of Bocas del Toro and how the increasing wave of American retirees are influencing the island economically, culturally and socially.

Give Us Your Retired, Your Rich, Your Americans is a film that looks at how American retirees and local Panamanians redefine what it means to be a community.


Funding for this project is provided by The ITVS Diversity Development Fund and The Creative Capital Foundation.